About us

Self-learned machine algorithm for football matches

At Oddsanalyze, we have since 2013 developed on our unique self-learning robot that, from the largest leagues in the world, pick the best matches from statistics. The outcome is calculated from many different parameters and in this way we have tried to get around 360 degrees around the match before the system gives a result of the match.

Who we are & our mission

Oddsanalyze was founded in 2013 by the brothers, Simon and Daniel.
We are developers and have a big intereset in football, which we can use to our advance when working on the algorithms and the site!

Since 2013, we have optimized our algorithm which the site is using, which has resulted in some long-term and great returns.

At Oddsanalyze, we always have the customer in focus. We always have listen to what you, as a customer, have to say, and ongoing features that are sent to our inbox will be discussed in the team and mostly if the idea is good enough also developed quickly.

Because the support is such an important part of the business, we try our best to answer your request fast as possible (normally within a couple of hours). One of our big missions is to make the site as transparent as possible, which we do via support and our results page.